High-voltage technology from a single source



Electron-technical centrepiece of a corona system is the generator. It takes over al the control tasks as well as the communication to the entire system. Together with the externally positioned transformers the integrated power amplifier generates the high-voltage supply of the station electrodes, and thus the corona discharge.


TCPC - Total Corona Process Control:

Scana Corona generators with TCPC ensure a perfect process by continuous control of all relevant parameters.

In case of deviations, the occurrence of unnoticed defective products is securely prevented. 

Events are logged, can be read and assessed.




Technology at a glance

Power from 2 to 200 kW

Current IGBT technology

Control using current Siemens S7 SPS

Siemens touch control panel

Components selected for reliability.

Adaptation according to national regulations.

Adaptation to different mains voltages and frequencies.


Standard functions

Power control

Active power monitoring

Dosage control

Error and event memory

Operating hours counter

Supply and exhaust air fan supply

Pneumatic control

Web break quick opening

Splice quick opening

For particularly low power densities: Horizontal strip-free pulse width modulation method


Expanded functions

TCPC -  TCPC - Total Corona Process Control

Bus connection, e.g. Profinet or Profibus.

Controlled cross blanking for subsequent sealing

Self-air conditioning

Recipe cataloguing

Individual special programming







Depending on combination of station and generator there is another requirement for the transformer.

This is defined by Scana Corona and mentioned in the corresponding offer.

For higher powers the transformers get an active cooling.