Test Tools

Quick process validation


In order to validate the surface tension in the process or on the existing material, Scana Corona offers particularly practical test inks method according to ISO 8296.

First, a sufficiently high surface tension ensures the required adhesion.


The surface tension is specified in the mN/m unit, also called “dyn”:


1 mN/m = 1 dyn/cm


We offer 2 particularly handy procedures for determining this for the decisive property values of the adhesion .
Basically, the procedure according to ISO 8296 applies:

A film of specified liquid is applied to the surface whose status can be assessed after precisely 2 seconds.

Below is a trial with test inks of the value 46 and 48 mN/m:


[Determining the surface tension per tint line with BOPP, here the result is ≥46 mN/m]


If the film stands still for 2 seconds, the surface tension at least corresponds to the value assigned to the liquid.
If the film contracts to drops or lines during these 2 seconds, then the surface tension is below the value specified for the liquid.



Our test pens are ideal for a rough determination of the treatment status of e.g. BOPP film.
A quick stroke and it is quickly established whether the material is already pretreated.


Test pens

Test pen for wetting test according to DIN ISO 8296

38 mN/m (dyn/cm)

Test pen for determining the treatment status of materials quickly and without complications.

Price: Upon request



Test inks

10 test inks for wetting test according to  DIN ISO 8296, brush integrated in the cap.

Test area: 38-58 mN/m (dyn/cm)

Gradation: 2 mN/m (dyn/cm)

Typical applications: Polyethylene, polypropylene and the like.  Not for soft PVC and polyurethane.

Price: Upon request