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The weakest link in a chain determines performance. We hold your chain together!

It is exactly the same with parts and components in complex systems and machines: if the part is weak and fragile, the system collapses. Our manufacturing capacities and expertise hold your chain together.

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Outsourcing the production of sophisticated parts and components makes sense where a concentration on core competencies and the reduction of secondary functions is strategically more important. Often qualitative, time and economic advantages can be achieved in this way. The bottom line is that outsourcing parts and components means one thing for our customers:

  • savings on capacities, costs and time
  • to be on the safe side with quality and service
Our range of services

Our range of services

  • On site topic-specific problem analysis at the customer's, application-oriented consulting from a team of experts
  • Whether in the design phase, during construction or in the detailing - our construction department supports you when production peaks or capacity bottlenecks make needs-based and professional support necessary.
  • Heat treatment (annealing) up to 5 to piece weight, inductive hardening
  • Mechanical manufacturing: Turning, milling, deep drilling, grinding and balancing. We manufacture with a precision in the µm range on 5-axis machining centres such as those used in the aerospace industry.
  • Welding as per EXC3 according to EN 1090-2 up to 5 to unit weight
  • Galvanic and general surface treatment
    • Hard chrome
    • Nickel
    • Multi-layer chrome plating with a surface finish <0.01 Rz
    • Surface structures from 1-70 Rz
    • Painting according to ZTV Ing.
    • Corrosion protection according to Part 4 Paragraph 3 No. 5.2
  • Quality management on the most modern 3D measuring machines as well as laser measurement


  • Extensive design and manufacturing experience, outstanding expertise in metalworking and finishing: For you this means security of the highest quality
  • All production and work steps in one location and from a single source: For you this means process and cost-optimised project management
  • Machinery and equipment, project management and machinery at the highest level of performance: For you this means cost efficiency and transparent processes
  • "Nothing is impossible!": For you this means synergetic solution competence from eight business divisions - and the will to create something new with you


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