The story of our success. The development of our company.

Tradition or innovation?
These are not mutually exclusive at GRADERT.

In 1971, in a small town north of Hamburg, at first 70 sqm, Fritz Gradert turned roll bodies for various industrial applications, all of which were characterised by a requirement typical of the time: always faster, more precise and more efficient.

“Made in Schenefeld” becomes a quality feature, especially in the printing industry, and so it is only logical that an additional hall with 400 sqm of production space is built as early as 1974 with the increasing demand for GRADERT rolls.

"Can't do, won't do!" was the motto when Fritz Gradert outsourced his now internationally expanding business to the nearby industrial area in 1981. He also added the precision grinding of rolls and their surface coating with rubber and elastomers to the product range.

Numerous technological innovations consolidate our reputation as a specialist in mechanical engineering and precision rolls. Film coating systems, corrugating systems, textile and paper machines and special machines complete the portfolio. In addition to rolls and cylinders, complete assemblies, units and innovative technical special solutions are now being created.

Production hall behind a meadow
1971: foundation, 70 sqm production area
Fire station behind a crossing
1974: move, 400 sqm production area
1983: move, 2.500 sqm production area
1983: move, 2.500 sqm production area
Production area and courtyard
1999: extension, 7.000 sqm production area
full view of the production area
2020: full view, 12.000 sqm production area
Arial view of the entire production area in summer
2020: aerial view FGM