Ozone Converter

When a problem “vanishes into thin air”


Purifying the corona exhaust air


Scana Corona ozone converters transform the ozone in exhaust air of the corona system into oxygen. The exhaust air can then be discharged into the environment. Scana Corona ozone converters work catalytically. Two filters upstream to the catalyst integrated. The housings of the ozone converter are made completely from stainless steel.

[Opened ozone converter]


The individual filter materials are easily accessible with the aid of a pneumatic lifting device. The inflowing exhaust air of the corona treatment is first purified from dust and other particles. Thereafter, the air flows through a large filter bed, which protects the catalyst from harmful substances such e.g. halogen and humidity.

[Operating the pneumatic system]


A differential pressure manometer shows the status and thus a maintenance due for the pre-filter. A due maintenance can be reported via an electronic contact.

[Ozone converters, filter level locked]


The exhaust air of the converter is virtually ozone-free. For energy reasons the return to the production hall is reasonable and possible with a continuous monitoring of the exhaust air. If an ozone concentration is measured above the MAK value the system must be serviced and regenerated if needed. In this time the exhaust gas must be discharged to outside via a bypass.

The standard program includes various sizes for an air flow rate of up to 2,800 m³/h.

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