Rolls & cylinders

The right roll for every application. Highest precision and uncompromising quality for the perfect surface.

Hard chrome-plated rolls, rolls with customised surface coatings and profiles, peripherally drilled heating and cooling rolls. Rotary bodies are the heart of most industrial production plants and are subject to a wide variety of physical, thermal and chemical loads. With the knowledge of many years of experience we have not only become an original equipment manufacturer for well-known plant manufacturers, but have also set standards in the mastery of complex and complicated applications with our rolls and cylinders.


Areas of application

Areas of application

We have been developing, manufacturing and overhauling rolls and cylinders for almost every imaginable industrial application up to a format of Ø 1200 x 6000 mm. If the type of roll you need is not listed here, please contact us.

Printing rolls, distribution rolls, impression rolls, inking rolls, chrome rolls, counter pressure rolls, dampening rolls, deflecting rolls, guide rolls, drive rolls, ruling rolls, feed rolls, squeezing rolls, draw-in rolls, spreader rolls, conveyor rolls, lamination rolls, pan rolls, transfer rolls, anilox rolls, ruling rolls, etc.

Roll cores

Roll cores

We machine, grind and balance axle and hollow cylinders as well as sleeve solutions made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium or as GRP and CFRP, ready-to-install and with customised surface finishing on the most modern CNC processing machines. Among other things, corrugating and press rolls are deep-hardened by ring induction. Using special programs, we use computer-controlled hardening processes that are tailored to the alloys and profiles used.

Our range of services is rounded off by the repair of various types of rolls. This includes the reconditioning of bearing seats, the balancing of rotary bodies and precision grinding.

Basically, the roll core and roll coating always come from a single source at GRADERT! This guarantees absolute precision, reproducibility, product and service quality with the shortest possible response and delivery times.

Roll surfaces

Roll surfaces

GRADERT roll surfaces are characterised by extraordinary abrasion resistance, consistently low deformation and excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical or insulating properties.

In addition to complete refining, we offer the optimal coating for almost every area of application such as:

  • Hard chrome / nickel plating with different layer combinations
  • Multi-layer chrome plating with a surface finish <0.01 Rz
  • Rubber and plastic coatings
  • Rilsan/PA11
  • Teflon coatings
  • Thermal coatings: Molybdenum, chromium oxide, aluminium oxide or titanium oxide
  • Tungsten Carbide (TCC)
  • Surface structures from 1-70 Rz
  • Grinding / polishing / matting
  • Structural radiation (e.g. glass beads)
  • Painting according to ZTV Ing.
  • Corrosion protection - KOR certificate according to ZTV-ING
Consulting, customised development

Consulting, customised development

Of course we start with detailed consulting and a careful analysis of the current situation.

Based on the technical requirements of our customers, we can:

  • design and construct tailormade rolls
  • at the same time jointly push ahead with the customer's product development

We manufacture high-precision rolls from core production to surface finishing for every application.

Quality Management

Quality Management

The rolls leave our factory only after a final inspection; all production steps are continuously checked and documented during the manufacturing process. 

These include:

  • Concentricity properties
  • Crown and cylindricity
  • Remaining unbalance
  • Hardness, etc.

Depending on the inspection scope, rolls or components can be tested on our state-of-the-art 3D measuring machine with a measuring accuracy of 0.005 mm.

All quality-relevant technical documentation, test and measurement reports are a part of every GRADERT roll.

Depending on the intended application, we offer special operational performance guarantees for some of our roll types.


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