Corrugating technologies

Are you looking for the perfect wave? We offer individual solutions suitable for your application.

Today, modern corrugating systems work at production speeds of over 450 m/min. This makes the highest demands on the production accuracy of the corrugating rolls, it is the heart of every corrugator. Even the smallest deviations in the pitch of the tooth profile or circular run-out errors can cause production disruptions and unnecessary downtimes. As the largest independent supplier with well over 1,800 corrugating roll sets delivered, we have sufficiently proven that we not only knowing the “perfect roll” but also mastering it.


Knowledge & experience

Knowledge & experience

  • In 2001 acquisition of Peters Riffelwalzen GmbH, Hamburg
  • Manufacturing and refurbishing of corrugating rolls of all brands and profiles
  • Own R&D with metallurgical development
  • Design and manufacture of customised and machine-specific profile types
  • In-house developed processes and procedures with the objective of ensuring world-leading material hardnesses, toughness and surface qualities
  • Original equipment manufacturer for the corrugating industry
  • Well over 1800 corrugating roll sets delivered
Scope of services

Scope of services

In addition to the new production and refurbishing of all rolls for the corrugating industry, we deliver special machine construction in corrugating production plants, for example corrugation units, unwinders, glue units, splicers and hot plates.


Worldwide service and spare parts supply - 24/7

We design, manufacture and repair all rolls needed for corrugating production:

  • Corrugating rolls
  • Press rolls
  • Glue roll sets
  • Cassettes, etc.


Dimensions of roll production max. Ø 1200 x 6000 mm

Profiles / flute types

The secret of the stability is the specification of the profile. We offer standard profiles for all flute types according to DIN 55468-1. All OEM corrugating profiles for more than 200 machine types are available.

In addition, we construct and manufacture customised and machine-specific profile designs in order to improve certain properties:

  • Minimisation of the paper consumption with the same product quality
  • Maximising of cardboard strength and stability
  • Improvement of the runnability and performance of the machine
  • Ensure of the printability
  • Optimal design matching of profile combinations
Surfaces / coatings

Surfaces / coatings

For more than 20 years our specialists have been familiar with the coating of corrugating rolls and are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 / EN 9100: 2016.


Tungsten Carbide (TCC)
TCC has a surface hardness of over 1400 HV

  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Extremely effective wear protection
  • Superfinishing of the surface


SRS Super hard chrome
SRS has a surface hardness of 1000 HV

  • Creates a perfect surface
  • Good wear protection at lower cost
  • Not feasible with some machine types
Repairs and roll overhauls

Repairs and roll overhauls

Our service portfolio ranges from minor to major repairs. Everything from a single source, just-in-time, undisputed in terms of professionalism, precision, experience and reliability.



It is not necessarily needed to replace corrugators by new ones. In many cases a retrofit resp. modification and adjustments to current production requirements lead to a performance increase which doesn’t have to fear the economic and process-related competition of a new investment.

Find out more about our Retrofit . division.

Quality Management

Quality Management

  • Our corrugating rolls are 100% Made in Germany
  • Complete production in our factory in Schenefeld
  • We only use high-performance tool steel according to our own specification from German production, which is approved worldwide. Corrugating rolls are tempered several times so that the steel can anneal sufficiently.
  •  Measuring of circular runout, crown and cylindricity
  • Component testing at operating temperature
  • Roll certificate


  • Application consulting on all aspects of corrugating production and all related processes
  • Condition check of production rolls and system components
  • Retrofits, repairs and roll overhauls
  • Our Service-Lifecycle- Management accompanies the life cycle phases of your rolls and guarantees your production systems with the highest possible availability
  • Installation of rolls and cassettes
  • Start-up of corrugating rolls
  • Pick-up and delivery service with in-house logistics


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