The goal is 100% availability. 100% commitment from GRADERT on the way to this goal.

Choosing a machine and system retrofit is always an alternative to a new investment. Due to many years of experience in a wide variety of maintenance measures, we know where risks are hidden and that a well-planned retrofit process reduces these to a minimum and gives you deadline and production security.


Typical retrofit goals

Typical retrofit goals

  • Extension of the service life
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in product quality
  • Higher efficiency of the plant e.g. by saving energy or raw materials
  • Compliance with legal requirements (e.g. emission reduction, occupational safety)
  • Ensuring the supply of spare parts
  • Possibility to embed old machines in a modern IoT environment, Industry 4.0
  • Investment security
GRADERT retrofit expertise

GRADERT retrofit expertise

  • Corrugating industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Energy & environmental engineering
  • Printing machines
  • Automotive
Range of services

Range of services

  • Replacement of assemblies for which spare parts are no longer available
  • Retrofitting of automation technology, e.g. programmable logic controllers
  • Adjustments for the integration of the machine / subsystem in production systems, e.g. installation of fitting of conveyor elements
  • Replacement of materials with more wear-resistant materials, e.g. stainless steel
Professional 3-phase retrofit concept

Professional 3-phase retrofit concept

Phase I

Analysis - Consulting - Load definition

  • Customer requirements for the system after the retrofit
  • Recording of the current situation of the system
  • Analysis of the modernisation options
  • Technical details
  • System evaluation
    • Mechanics
    • Electrical components
    • Control
    • Host connection / Process optimisation
    • Remaining service life of the system / machine
  • Presentation of the retrofit concept
  • Comparison of new acquisitions
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Presentation of the specifications

Phase II

Planning - Preparation - Implementation

  • Detailed project planning
  • Definition of the conversion scenario
  • Detailed planning of the time window
  • Assembly and installation
  • Start-up
  • Training of employees as needed

Phase III

Spare parts - Service - Help desk

  • Secured spare parts supply
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Extension of the maintenance cycle
  • Simplified error analysis
  • Error analysis / support through remote maintenance tools via modem / internet connection
Advantages of a GRADERT retrofit

Advantages of a GRADERT retrofit

  • Lower investment costs than compared with the installation of a new machine/system
  • Increase in system and machine availability, reduction of downtimes
  • Re-use of proven machine components
  • Less staff training required as the machine is largely known
  • No new and therefore lengthy approval process
  • Time savings compared to rebuilding
  • Energy saving and resource conservation


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